What can you do with…

the great ideas you have or helpful information you’ve gathered?… You can share it! 

I love taking advantage of every learning opportunity that presents itself!  I will use this section to share ideas that are easily implemented whether you are home schooling your child or want to utilize the time you have with them before/after school.  I will also use this section to share information about useful products, programs, and projects you may find in your local community.

What else can you do?

  1. Read / Share this section of my blog! (I love sharing helpful info!)
  2. Share your ideas with me! (I love getting ideas from other people!)
  3. Share your ideas with others! (We can all benefit from what you know!)

Your Lunch Money?

What can you do with…your lunch money?… You can use it to purchase a meal from the Steps with Theera Coffee Shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

A logo for step by cheer

Whether you get an Espresso and Scrambled Eggs or a Strawberry Smoothie with Pumpkin-Spinach Lasagna, your purchase gives opportunities beyond your tasty meal!

Steps with Theera is coffee shop and vocational center that supports young adults with special educational needs transition to sustainable employment opportunities.

What else can you do?

Great news!  I am now partnering with them as a Steps with Theera Therapist!  Contact me for more details!

A Paper Plate and A String?

What can you do with…a paper plate and a string?… You can use it to develop fine motor skills in your young learner!

By using their pincer grip (index finger and thumb pressed together), your child can weave a string in and out of the holes in a plate.

Why is this important?

The pincer grip is needed for activities such as handwriting, using eating utensils, zipping and unzipping clothing, lacing shoes, closing and opening a Ziploc bag, picking up small items, turning a key to open a door, using a Q-tip to clean your face, fastening and unfastening Velcro straps, eating finger foods, unscrewing bottle caps, opening lids, grabbing a tissue to clean your face, grabbing / grasping any small item, etc.

A person holding onto a paper plate with red string on it

What else can you do?

  1. Pick up paper plates and string during your next trip to the store!
  2. Use the materials you have at home!
  3. Have fun using Pinterest and Google to find more creative ideas!
  4. Share your ideas with family / friends / strangers in person and using social media!

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